Study: Ketamine May Work Better Without Additional Antidepressants

Braxia Scientific Corp. (CNSX:BRAX) (OTC:BRAXF) published the results of a clinical study suggesting that ketamine could be as effective on its own in treating depression as in combination with traditional antidepressants.
Braxia is a medical research company with clinics offering ketamine treatment for depression and related disorders. The company uses its own facilities to research ketamine, a compound rarely studied in mental health indications.
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Details about the study

The study was conducted at the Canadian Centre of Excellence in Rapid Treatments, a subsidiary of Braxia. There were 220 patients with treatment-resistant depression. Such patients received intravenous ketamine infusions only; the results were compared with those of patients who received infusions in addition to oral antidepressants.
Those who received ketamine alone achieved response and remission rates of 39.1% and 17.4%, respectively. Those treated with ketamine along with antidepressants had corresponding rates of 21.9% and 6.7%.
"In many circumstances, people who benefited safely from ketamine treatment were able to discontinue their ineffective conventional treatments and move entirely to ketamine monotherapy," said Dr. Roger McIntyre, CEO of Braxia.
Dr. Joshua Rosenblat, Braxia's chief medical and scientific officer, said these data are especially important because they demonstrate that the benefits of ketamine may not depend on co-prescribing other drugs.
According to the study, "due to the paucity of high-quality clinical data on the safety and efficacy of ketamine as antidepressant monotherapy, most physicians continue to prescribe ketamine to their patients on the condition that they continue to take a stable dose of one or more antidepressant drugs for the duration of treatment."
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