What are the benefits of car audio add subwoofer

  For the owner who has just touched the car audio modification, in order to pursue the sound quality effect, usually a subwoofer is added to the car audio. What is the advantage of installing a car subwoofer? What are the pros and cons of a car subwoofer? Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of adding a car subwoofer and the advantages and disadvantages of a car subwoofer. I hope to help everyone.
  The benefits of adding a car subwoofer
  The subwoofer is added to the car audio, the purpose of which is not to make the sound system listen to the songs loudly, but to make up for the lack of low frequency. If there is no bass part, the sound of other speakers will not play the real sound of the music instrument, and the distortion is large.
  Adding a subwoofer (especially active) to the original car audio system will increase the dynamic range of the system and make the low frequency dive deeper. At the same time, it will make the MF's transparency better, and the sound can be more unrestricted.
  Thanks to the increased power and car competition subwoofers, the sound system can replay the peak of the music at a higher level. And because the main speaker is no longer responsible for the playback of the bass, it can be played with a louder sound. Moreover, the cone of the woofer of the main speaker no longer needs to be moved forward and backward as before, so the midrange will be clearer when used for reproducing music.
car subwoofer
  The pros and cons of car subwoofer:
  Advantages: Small size does not occupy a lot of space, excellent low-frequency effects can make music more passionate and listening.
  Disadvantages: Poor cut frequency capability, easy to make a large number of intermediate frequencies mixed, the overall sound is more turbid, no sense of strength.
  The above is about the advantages of car subwoofer retrofitting and the advantages and disadvantages of car subwoofer. I hope that everyone can understand the advantages and disadvantages of car subwoofer and the advantages and disadvantages of car subwoofer.
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