Macbook Air Repair Services

Cost to repair your damaged MacBook Air


If you own a MacBook Air, you should always be careful when handling it. As much as its initial purchase price is, the costs of MacBook Air repair services are more than that. But, as a technical electronic device, accidents can still happen. Damages and malfunctioning of your MacBook Air can only be prevented till its practical usability. 


MacBook Air repair services in Dubai depend on the type of repair required to fix the level of damage. If your MacBook Air needs only some upgrades, the cost will be less. However, if you need a MacBook Air screen replacement, the price will be high. Because you know, MacBook uses a very premium quality screen, and getting the authentic genuine replacement screen is expensive. 


Nonetheless, assuming that your MacBook Air requires only ordinary repair services, here are a few estimates on why and how MacBook Air repair services usually cost a lot. Like if you spilled something on your MacBook Air's keyboard, how much would it cost you to repair it. 


MacBook Air damage under warranty 


When you buy any MacBook, you get a one-year limited warranty period to claim any defects for free. After purchasing the MacBook Air, if you find that there are some defects, manufacturing defects to be precise, the warranty will cover those damages. You cannot claim damage coverage under the limited warranty for damages due to accidental drops or screen cracks. 


A one-year MacBook Air warranty period may sound beneficial, but you cannot get any accidental MacBook Air repair services under it. Its repair costs will be yours be pay. That is why you should look for professional and skilled technicians to get your MacBook Air repair services in Dubai. 


MacBook Air damage protection with AppleCare+


While the one-year warranty period does not cover the accidental damage of your MacBook Air, getting an AppleCare+ protection would. AppleCare+ warranty extends your MacBook Air for three years from the device's purchase date. But the only downfall is that you can claim only two accidental damages of your MacBook Air. As per the official policy, AppleCare+ coverage costs you $249 for your MacBook Air repair services. But, if you get a MacBook Air to screen replacement, there will be additional costs amounting to a total of $348. For the second MacBook Air repair service, you will have to pay $99 more.


In the three-year AppleCare+ warranty period, you will get coverage for only two incidents. Any other MacBook Air repair services are at your own expense. 




In short, MacBook Air repair services are high costs. Be it a general repair or screen replacement; the prices will vary by slight differences. The high costs of MacBook Air repair services often confuse the owner about whether to get the device repaired or just get a new MacBook Air. Whatever your decision is, you must not forget to consider various factors that might affect the cost of MacBook Air repair services in Dubai. 


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