So many types of cutting pieces, how difficult is it to cut something?

The choice of the dicing sheet varies depending on the occasion. For some metal parts, punching and shearing methods can be adopted, which are efficient and fast. The disadvantage is that specific molds and tools are needed. In the cutting and processing industries such as glass, stone and ceramics, the traditional method is to cut, saw and mill with diamond tools. Etc., the thickness range of cutting is very large and the speed is fast.China supply 7" cut off disc,However, for conventional thickness plates, water cutting can perform high-precision cutting of arbitrary curves, high yield, low production cost, and greatly increase the added value of processed products. Flame cutting is also a common cutting process in the metal field. The thickness range of cutting is very large, but its thermal effect is obvious compared with water cutting, the quality and precision of cutting surface is poor, and water cutting can solve some high melting point, alloy and compound. Cutting of special materials such as materials. The cutting pieces can be divided into cutting and grinding according to the way of use. Cutting speeds are also available in high speed cutting (>80m/s) and normal cutting. In addition, the materials to be cut during cutting are various, such as stainless steel, ordinary steel, viscous metal, high carbon steel, non-metal, and the like. The performance requirements of the cutting piece are different for different occasions, so it is important to choose a reasonable cutting piece. We need to choose the cutting piece according to the occasion we use, which can increase the safety factor, improve work efficiency and reduce our use cost. 12 inches cut off wheel Ordinary cutters typically cut workpieces that are less than 50 mm in diameter. Cutting power is small In order to reduce the radial frictional resistance, we usually choose a cutting piece with a thickness of 3.2mm. The cut piece is thinner and has a certain elasticity, and it feels sharper when cut. High-power cutting machines usually use a cutting power of more than 5.5 kW, a speed of 2800 rpm, and a large diameter of the cutting workpiece. Because the torque force during cutting is large, the damage to the cutting piece is also relatively large, so the cutting piece is required to have a certain rigidity. We usually use a 3.8 mm thick cutting piece. At the same time, due to the large cutting diameter, the resistance of the cutting piece will also increase, and the temperature of the cutting surface will be high, so it is very important to reduce the cutting temperature. If necessary, add water to cool when cutting. If the water is cooled during cutting, the durability of the cutting piece can be improved by 1.5-2 times.
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