3 common mistakes people make in their cover letter

A cover letter is one that you present along with your resume. Most people hire personal statement writers to do this, but few do it themselves. If you are someone who belongs to the latter, then here are some common mistakes which you should avoid: -

  • Writing an autobiography

A cover letter is a place for making the company know how you will be valuable to them. Unfortunately, most candidates keep talking about themselves and stating facts that were not needed in the first place. The recruiters go through tons of résumé every day, so think of ways to make you stand out. Answer how you will be serving the company without stating unnecessary things.

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  • Don't state too many accomplishments.

Stating your earlier experience in a résumé is helpful to let the recruiters know that you are seasoned. But that does not mean that you need to go on about your achievements. Instead, write relatable job experiences without stating everything you have done in your career. The recruiters want to know how you are fit for the specific role and not your entire job history.

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  • Rehashing your résumé

The next biggest mistake is rehashing your résumé. People lose spirit quickly and don’t take the time to make changes in their resumes. This is a grave mistake. When you apply with your same resume everywhere, you miss on potential opportunities.

This is because there are different job roles with other specifications and you are missing being specific as you are rehashing your old resumes repeatedly.

A cover letter is not a place of flattering. Instead, try to be professional and avoid common mistakes—state how you found the job and why you are the best fit for the job—avoiding common mistakes like these increases your chances of getting selected. 

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