What is the high strength of the grinding wheel?

The diamond fast cheap metal grinding disc is used for high-precision and high-efficiency grinding processing using diamond, and the bonding agent is used to bond the diamond abrasive grains to form a grinding tool having a certain strength and shape.


The binders used to solidify the diamond abrasive grains in the diamond fast cheap metal grinding disc are three materials of resin, metal, and ceramic. The resin binder has low holding force on the diamond abrasive, the diamond abrasive grains are easy to fall off, the self-sharpness is good, the high quality metal grinding disc has high grinding efficiency, the grinding heat is small, and the surface roughness of the workpiece can be improved; however, since the resin binder is an organic material Due to the intrinsic performance of the resin, the heat resistance, water resistance and wear resistance of the fast cheap metal grinding disc are poor, and precision forming grinding cannot be performed. The metal bond diamond high quality metal grinding disc has high strength, good working surface geometry retention, long service life, and impact resistance, but the grinding disc has poor self-sharpness and low efficiency.


The ceramic bond diamond high quality metal grinding disc has a strong grinding ability, low grinding temperature, and strong self-sharpness. However, since the ceramic binder used at present is a low-temperature ceramic inorganic material, a large amount of alkaline substance is introduced, which is easily volatilized during the preparation of the binder. However, the performance of the bonding agent is unstable. In the manufacturing process of the diamond fast cheap metal grinding disc, the wettability of the bonding agent to the diamond is poor, and the holding force of the bonding agent on the diamond is greatly reduced. The diamond is easy to fall off during the grinding process, and the loss is large.

   At present, in order to improve the holding power of diamond high quality metal grinding disc binder and the self-sharpness of diamond, research directions at home and abroad mainly focus on the development of new diamond binders.

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