How to use Microsoft Redeem Codes?

Microsoft is always coming up with new and exciting things. Everyone is aware of Microsoft rewards, and they are such a company that started a separate portal for rewards to get their customers.


Now, the main question is how to get rewards more easily and what is the perfect usage. Some people are still unaware that there is a separate section for rewards that can be used for their own goods. There are various facts available that will be helpful, and we are here with all such points.


What are Microsoft rewards?

As we all know, Microsoft Redeem Code is a technology-based company. There are different hidden secrets available about them, and one such most important information is Microsoft rewards. 


There is a separate section for rewards is available. When you use the search engine of Microsoft, then you earn points that are saved in the reward section each day. You can earn 5 points from mobile and tablet and 10 points from the computer. Every time you use Microsoft edges, then facts will transfer to your account.


Apart from that, you can also earn a point which shopping for something on Microsoft from their online store. You can’t get points when you shop something on an offline store.


All kinds of rewards like Microsoft coupons, Roblox coupons, Xbox coupons, movies, and different coupons of an e-commerce site are available in exchange for rewards. You just need sufficient points to buy the codes, and that’s it for the initial stage.


What are the important facts we need to keep remembering? 

  • The first point you need to keep in mind is that these points are only valid online. You can’t spend these points on offline.
  • There is an earning limit per day. You can’t get unlimited points.


How to check the point balance? 

To check the point balance, you need to do some specific steps. To clear your conception, we present a manual that will help you.

  • Go to your Microsoft account.
  • Check whether you are logged in or not. 
  • If you are not logged in, keep yourself logged in first and go to the reward section.
  • After going to the reward section, find the three dots and click on them. 
  • The menu will expand, and you will see more options.
  • Click on the balance 
  • Here you can see the principal balance and all transaction details.


How to use microsoft redeem codes?

Once you get the redeem codes, you have to make sure that you know the redemption process.


  • Check the code properly and go to the respective site for which it is used.
  • After going to that website, log in yourself and go to the redeem section.
  • After going to the redeem section, you can see a blank text box.
  • Click on the text box and enter the respective code.
  • And confirm the process. The rewards or the offers will be directly transferred to your account.


What if the code doesn’t work?

There are several reasons available why a code doesn’t work.


  1. You enter the wrong code.
  2. Your code is expired 
  3. You enter a used code that is only redeemed as one time.
  4. You are not logged into your account.


These are four common reasons. If all things are going right, you can get in touch with the Microsoft team through the email section, which is 


How to redeem points from the microsoft?

To redeem points, please follow all steps properly.


  • Go to Microsoft Redeem account.
  • Then, go to the reward portal.
  • There you can see different brands available.
  • You can click on the desired brand, and the list of all available coupon codes will disclose.
  • Selection as per your reward balance.
  • Then click on spend rewards.
  • Wait till the screen shows transactions completed.
  • Your respective code will shortly transfer to your email.



These are some facts about Microsoft rewards and the usage of their codes. You can apply everything to get the benefit, and just keep all important attributes on your mind and earn points to spend on your desirable things.


As always, our comment section is open for you to share all your views and opinions. Please share it with us.


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