Management and Marketing Case Study Topics

Case studies are a part of an academic career, and students often struggle with it. They sometimes have to write a college essay help or Apple case study, and they stumble upon numerous problems. However, there are times when they have the opportunity to work on case studies of their choice, and that is when the confusion begins.

If a student who is just beginning to learn how to write a case study is given the opportunity to choose a topic of their choice, they begin to feel like a fish out of water.

The best solution is to browse the web and learn about different topics; students can Take History Assignment Help to understand different aspects of case studies before they begin to write on. Here are some topics on marketing and management that can help students.

Marketing Case Study help Ideas

  • The differences between female and male target marketing methods.
  • The unique strategies and popularity of Apple Inc.
  • Brand development methods: the most common mistakes.
  • German Automotive Industry in the American market.
  • Online (digital) versus physical marketing.
  • The factors that create customer loyalty in the field of beverages.
  • The negativity is commonly associated with McDonald's.
  • The controversy between Samsung and Apple.
  • Is marketing to children morally acceptable?
  • The future of marketing methods in the post-Covid-19 world.
  • Bank design concept.
  • Setting up contextual advertising.
  • Marketing case for website traffic growth.
  • Review the advertising campaign's effectiveness (activities in various areas).
  • Assessment of the state of the competitive environment of the market (in multiple areas).
  • Study of the attitude of individual consumers to the firm.
  • Research of the market of free funds of the population.
  • Investigation of the corporate culture of the organization.

Management Case Study Topics

  • Corporate planning and strategic management by Nike Corporation.
  • The activity-based costs systems in the Asian markets.
  • Is child entrepreneurship taking away the aspect of childhood?
  • Should financial management be taught at schools?
  • Human Resources Management bias and ethnicity aspects.
  • The challenges of global management in modern times.
  • The management and social media.
  • Does immediate innovation have a place in marketing?
  • Sustainable development and globalization.
  • Civil rights and the responsibilities of corporate management specialists.
  • Analysis of the human resources of the enterprise and increase the efficiency of its use.
  • Analysis of compliance with the goals and objectives of the organization and its staff.
  • Methods of building personnel management systems.
  • Organization of innovative changes in the personnel management system
  • Recruitment technologies and their efficiency
  • Anti-crisis personnel management.
  • Analysis of a modern leader (on a specific example).
  • The essence of management decisions and stages of its adoption.

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