Cut off disc for stainless--discussion on the cutting of thin-walled stainless steel tubes

steel thin-walled tubes are safe, environmentally friendly, economical and reliable. China cut off disc is getting more and more. The main function of the stainless steel thin-wall tube cutting machine is to cut the stainless steel thin-walled tube and complete the function of incision deburring. Although stainless steel is not very strong, it is mainly viscous and its chips tend to stick to the tool, so it is classified as difficult to cut. The common methods discussed for cutting stainless steel discs are
1. Flame cutting, because the use of gas cutting is basically impossible. The nozzle will definitely change color, and the melting point of materials such as chrome-nickel stainless steel, aluminum and aluminum alloy is higher than the melting point of the material itself, so it is basically impossible to cut by oxygen cutting.
2. wire cutting, using a wire-cutting fast line, 7'' cut off disc for metalcan Guaranteed quality of cutting.however, it should be noted that the tube end line changes color after cutting and needs to be polished. A small amount of production can be considered.
3. automatic steel pipe cutting machine, tool rotary feed, pipe does not move, solves the inconvenience caused by the rotation of super long steel pipe. A cutting method in which two knives are simultaneously machined can be used to cut one knife, while other knives can correct the cross section of the steel tube. High processing efficiency, using carbide tools, grinding knife is very convenient, can be sharpened on a common grinding machine, the tool has high durability. It automatically realizes feeding, sizing, clamping, feeding, loosening and other functions, and automatically cycles.
4.metal circular saw, good cut, can achieve multiple simultaneous cutting, but the chip is easy to stick to the tool, use chrome or nitride saw blade for cutting, do not use titanium-plated saw blade tool, because many manufacturers hope to get high profits It is usually made of a low-quality saw blade for evaporation, so that the cut stainless steel tube will be deformed by heat.
5. bladeless pipe cutting machine: The automatic hob pipe cutting machine has only round trimming and no serration. Feeding inward while turning, the cut is smooth and smooth, there is no iron filings, no burrs, and the inner wall is slightly closed. With special tools, the shutdown phenomenon can be greatly improved, and the equipment cost is low, which is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises.
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