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Looking for wild mushroom? Look at Ukraine. The land is a favorite place for wild mushrooms - and hunting for them to eat and be sold is a national phenomenon.

This year, a large mushroom harvest rewards local people with plenty of food and they sell it at restaurants, which buy lsd canad some families to cope with the economic downturn during the violence.

But because of the virus

  • Some Ukrainians
  • Who love mushrooms
  • Are harmed - that is
  • Tour guides who lead the
  • Mushroom-hunting trip

Andriy Gnytka is the founder of Green Ukraine, a company that designs tourist destinations in the Carpathian Mountains of western Ukraine. But although he was a Ukrainian, he did not always like mushrooms.

"It all started with one of my guests [who was] from Germany," Gnytka said. "And he said, 'My wife would like to come to Ukraine to pick mushrooms.' I said, 'Who could go to another country to pick mushrooms?'

Gnytka was unaware

  • That eating mushrooms in his area
  • A rural area and has never been touched
  • By modern industry
  • Would attract tourists.

“Little by little, I had to learn something about mushrooms. How they grow, how they are cooked, ”he said. "And this is how we love each other, me and the mushrooms."

But this year, that love has not been made. Even with an abundance of mushrooms (porcini, chanterelle and morels more common in the region), Gnytka had no one to teach the pleasure of eating mushrooms.

In the middle of the year, Gnytka's company, which also leads the horses and Jeep tour, will see a large number of https://mungus.com/ from March to November.

“This year, I have had only three visits [because of the epidemic],” he said. "So it's a big problem for me."

While Gnytka relies on tourists to make mushrooms, some locals rely on the mushrooms themselves - building them to sell restaurants brings money to those who have lost their jobs during the violence.

"Most people pick mushrooms and earn some money by selling them," says Gnytka.

But he said he did not know anyone who was only in charge of mushroom picking - most buyers knew that sellers had some sort of income.

Gnytka does the same. Apart from Green Ukraine, he also owns a transportation company. And while in buy lsd canada confinement, he created a program that helps people find out that they have been scammed by online dating websites. He says the business is doing well.

“You have to be flexible in this regard,” says Gnytka, a mother of two young daughters.

"If tourism is zero, you have to think about what you will do next."

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