Dubious and Expensive Nike Joradn Patta Supreme Sneakers

The collaboration between streetwear brand Supreme and French fashion house Louis Vuitton was received extremely negatively. Despite the originality of the items in the collection, the brands initially made one mistake: uniting, they tried to
Combine the incongruous, patta  as a result of which they immediately received a lot of angry comments from Supreme fans.
Fair enough, because things inspired by the culture of skateboarding were not supposed to intersect with high fashion.
And if some patterns of the street brand of the beginning of the 2000s were deliberately similar to the patterns of Gucci or the same LV and, as it were, ridiculed them, then the denim items from the aforementioned collaboration with the logos of two
Polar brands with inconceivable price tags look very absurd. This is all interesting, of course, but you probably came here to read about all kinds of sneakers. Is not it?
So, Louis Vuitton x Supreme sneakers. What is it all about? Let's take a closer look at each pair from the recent collection.
A model with a simple name Sport Sneaker, which is a streamlined silhouette, without the slightest hint of angular details. The peculiarity of these sneakers lies in the combination of smooth leather, which consists of almost the entire upper, and textured, on which the famous Louis Vuitton print is located. 
The model is presented in two colors - white-red and more classic black-brown. And you know what? You will not find the slightest mention of the Supreme brand on either of these two pairs (except for the red color, of course). The model looks good, but the expected price of $905 still spoils the impression.
Sneakers with an even more straightforward name - Run Sneaker. Perforated leather all over the upper and plenty of detailing harks back to vintage adidas Originals and New Balance silhouettes, except the LV silhouette looks downright shabby. Maybe this boring shape of sneakers is to blame for everything, or maybe something else, but ... for whom are they even intended?
The contingent of future buyers of this model is not entirely clear. Patta Sneakers have the inscription "Supreme" on the heels, and it is on such a strict silhouette that it looks extremely inappropriate. At the moment, the sneakers are not on sale, so the price is still unknown. It will definitely not be less than $700.
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