Bought cactus jack sneakers - ride the subway for free!

Could you ever imagine that if you buy a pair of sneakers you like, you will also receive an annual subway pass?
Seems incredible, right?
You would probably even call me a liar if I told you that cactus jack  Adidas teamed up with a transport company to create sneakers with a ticket on the tongue.
As unbelievable as this situation may seem, it actually happened!
So, the German transport company "Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe", which drives the German subway, together with Adidas created a truly unique sneaker. 
What is so unique about them, you ask? Look.
Firstly, the sneakers received a red-blue-black camouflage, which exactly repeats the seat pattern in the German subway cars.
Secondly, in the language of each sneaker there is an annual subway pass, and it will be considered valid only if the shoes are worn on the wearer's feet!
Thirdly, the release turned out to be as limited as possible: only 500 pairs, and the queue for sneakers lined up already in a few days!
Fourthly, the lucky ones who got a pair for themselves saved a lot of money on travel: if the sneakers cost 180 euros, the annual metro ticket would cost 721 euros separately!
Now imagine sneakers from Adidas with the Troika card on the tongue, how many days do you think the camp would start?
Publicado en Fashion en febrero 25 at 12:04
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