The reason why first graders lose interest in school


More than a million first graders sit down at their desks every year. It is unlikely that among them there will be children who do not want to become successful students. But already a couple of weeks after September 1, some parents may be faced with a child's unwillingness to study, or even a refusal to go to school.

“Three of my children went to school with a desire and wanted to learn, and all three completely lost motivation in the first grade”

“My son lost interest in school two or three weeks after the first of September, he does not refuse to go to school, but says that he is very bored there”

“Our daughter is very capable, she grasps everything on the fly. They thought there would be no problems at school, but she doesn’t like it there, she goes there through force.

These are all typical complaints that can be heard from parents of elementary school students. Why did the children who went to school, as if to a holiday, “sour” so quickly? The reasons may be different, let's talk about those that are most common.

Inappropriate expectations

The holiday turned out to be too short, it was followed by weekdays, and it turned out that at school it was necessary not only to have fun, but also to work and get used to the new rules. Unjustified expectations give rise to disappointment, resentment, unwillingness to come to terms with reality, and as a result can lead to a persistent aversion to the object that these expectations caused, in this case, the school. To overcome this condition, help the child and inspire him to learn. Use the help from to get him interested in writing papers.This will encourage him to qualitative study, regardless of his feelings or emotions that remained after the holiday.

It is even difficult for adults to imagine what kind of fantasies about school a child may have. For example, in my practice there was a case when a boy was sure that he would have a young teacher, but ended up in a class with an elderly teacher. It would seem that it’s okay, he’ll get used to it, but their relationship never worked out. The child believed that older women were grandmothers and did not perceive the teacher as an authority. The case ended with a transfer to another class. But in order to perceive the teacher as an authority, it is important to educate him in this vein. It is necessary that he learns to ask his parents to pay to do my assignment and then that he comes to the teacher for advice. Thus, he learns to see the teacher as an authority.

It is obvious that the risk of a decrease in motivation for the first reason can be avoided if the child's ideas about school are formed that are close to reality. Tell him in detail how the lessons and changes will take place, what awaits him in the school cafeteria, library and other places. Tell him how he will do his homework with ease. With the help of the academic writing service, show him how to write papers and it will not be difficult for him to do his homework. Play school, this is the best way for a child to practice being a student in advance. Books, cartoons and movies about the school will also become your assistants.

Discuss school affairs with your child after September 1, until you are sure that the correct picture of school life has formed in his head. A first grader should be aware of both immediate events and more distant ones: know what can happen in the classroom, when you meet him after school, what you will do on the weekend, how you plan to spend your holidays. Explain in detail different points, especially those that the child has not yet encountered. And if there are any changes in the usual program of the day, do not forget to warn your first-grader.

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