Solvent Free Adhesive used within the home

It is also possible and very easy to use this film on large doors or large windows. This is possible because the Pur Gum film, unlike the adhesive types, is heavier which makes for easier handling. It is also possible to straighten it if it should stick together.

Looking into the likes of adhesives, and in particular tapes, there are literally hundreds of different unusual things you can do with lots of different types of tapes. This is mainly to do with its ability to stick to lots of different surfaces.

Lots of different types of adhesive tapes of different sizes and strengths have been designed to help us with a manner of different functional uses around the home and work place, but what about the other uses we could possibly think of to use tape?

Adhesive tape has become a must have in your kitchen draw or bits and bobs draw at home. It can help with just about any sticky situation you may fall into, such as a broken vacuum cleaner pipe or hose.

Scotch tape, which is the most common Solvent Free Adhesive used within the home is mostly used to wrap presents and put up posters, but when something gets broken such as plastic items, we normally revolve to the use of tape to stick it back together again.

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