Custom Nike Dunk Low Off White Shoes

With the creativity of today's kids, Nike dunk low off white have become the most personalized shoes ever and there are many sites or workshops that allow you to customize your footwear as you wish.
The leather of the shoe, despite being a bit stiff during the first uses, is considered very comfortable and makes the shoe versatile. Despite being a shoe with many years, it always has its own bundle, and adapts to any type of clothing, making each look simple and alternative at the same time.
In addition to the Nike dunk low off white personalized with studs and various writings, it is also possible to find sneakers such as converse, vans and much more on the market.
What strikes buyers most is the authenticity of the leather, which needs to be softened over time.
Here are some tips to make the process easier.
wearing shoes at home: many make the mistake of wearing them as soon as they have bought them, they do not know that if you take long walks around the house the leather of the boots begins to soften and these will be much more comfortable when they are worn to go out.

fill them with paper: an old method is to fill the shoes with paper or socks and place them near a heat source, preferably a radiator, in this way the skin will give way slightly making it more comfortable.

massage the shoes: in addition to the radiator, another source of heat could be the hairdryer but the heat must be accompanied by a light massage on the front of the shoe.

moisturize the skin: to speed up the process, Nike dunk low off white has produced a balm that serves to soften the shoes.

implement the trick of the old soldiers: that is to wear heavy socks, or take a piece of pantyhose and put it on the sole of the shoes, alternatively the patches are an excellent solution but must be changed very often.
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