Air Freight From China To The US

Air Freight From China To The US

Written by the team at Guided Imports, the goal of this article is to answer all your questions as it relates to air freight options, cost and timing when shipping to the US.Get more news about Door-to-door Air Freight From China,you can vist our website!

Air freight is a fast and reliable way to ship cargo from China to the US. It’s the ideal method when you need your goods in 20 days or less, or your shipping volume is between 150 and 500 kilograms.

Air express is a door to door courier service from companies like Fed Ex, UPS, and DHL that rely on a single company to collect, ship, and deliver small shipments. It’s ideal for shipments that are urgent and weigh less than 150 kilograms.

Air Freight from China to the USAAir freight, on the other hand, is an airport to airport service for shipments of larger volumes and requires additional arrangements for pickup from your factory and delivery from the final destination airport.

Air Freight Forwarding from China to the USAAir freight forwarding is similar to air freight, except all movement of the goods will be handled by a third-party freight forwarder like Guided Imports.

The benefits of using a China freight forwarder are that you can request that your air cargo be shipped from your factory door directly to your final destination.

Likewise, you’ll typically receive a more affordable shipping quote from a freight forwarder than your supplier or a 3rd party logistics company, due to the freight forwarders’ high-volume agreements with air carriers.Choosing between Express, Air Freight, and Freight Forwarding when shipping from China to the US, there are two primary considerations: load and timing. Let’s cover each one at a time.

LoadWhen shipping by air from China to the USA, the primary consideration when choosing between available air services is the load or the total weight of your shipment. In general terms:

Express shipping is best for loads under 150 kilos, due to its higher cost when compared to Air Freight Loads between 150 and 300 kilograms are viable for air express or air freight, depending on the seasonal rates.Air freight is best for loads between 300 and 500 kilograms, which are urgentShipments greater than 500 kilograms will most likely be considered too big and expensive to ship via air.Each shipment via air from China to the US will be different, with unique requirements and restrictions, especially with regards to logistics from your Chinese factory to the airport, and from the US airport to your final destination, when your load is too big to use Air Express services. That’s why we almost always recommend using an air freight forwarder whenever possible, like Guided Imports.

Guided Imports has the first-hand experience of hundreds of routes, is aware when rates are high or low, and has negotiated high-volume rates with couriers are air carriers.
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