Guide to Asus Router Password

All the devices have a default configuration settings. That is the state they arrive at when you make a purchase. The default credentials are specified in the manual that you receive along with the device. If you have opted for self installation you must know Asus router default password. It is same for all the models. It does not create any confusion and makes it easier for the users to install it. You can set up the router by logging in through the default IP address and logging in through the default credentials. In case you forgot Asus router password, reset the router and then log in through the default credentials. You can change it later for security. That is the first step you must follow after you reset your router or complete the set up. Let’s have a look how to access Asus router.

How to Log in to Asus Router?

? Make sure your device is connected to the internet.
? Go to a web browser and type or in the URL section.
? You will be directed to a log in page where you have to enter the details.
? Enter the username as admin and password as password in the specified columns.
? Click on enter and you are logged in.

This is how you can simply log in to your Asus router. As we established earlier changing the default credentials is necessary so that there is no unwanted access to your account. Let’s see, how to change Asus router password. By following the above mentioned steps you are now logged in to the account. Go to the settings and then click on Wireless. Then, select the general tab and here you will see the option of changing your password. Click on that and type a strong password. If you are having trouble selecting the password. You can refer the manual, it has rules for setting the password. Re enter the password to confirm it and then click ok to save the changes. Now, log in through the new password for further settings.

Your should change your password from time to time. Do not keep the same password for a very long period of time. Here are the steps for resetting Asus router password. There is no way od resetting the password without resetting the whole device. Therefore press and hold the reset button on your router. Wait for 15-20 seconds and then release it. It will take a few minutes to reset the password and your password will also be reset. You can now follow the same process as mentioned above to reset and save the new password.

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