From cushion covers to apparels to medical gloves and masks

From cushion covers to apparels to medical gloves and masks, the cotton fabric sees its application in a number of products. These products are not confined to a particular type. In fact, these have been used to manufacture products that cater to various industries. These industries consist of fashion and apparel industry, hospitality industry, home décor and handloom industry, hospital and medical equipment manufacturing industry, cement industry and many more. Since cotton fabric is such a widely used textile, let us see what makes it so popular and why it Functional Knitted Air Layer fabric is ideal for such use?

The cotton fabric is a natural fabric which is made from cotton received from cotton plant. The cotton fabric is available in a variety of weaves and weights. It is sold after being categorized according to these specifications. Graded from light weight to heavy weight fabric, these have varied uses due to their weave pattern. The major highlight of this cloth is that it can be easily dyed into any color of your choice.

These are used to manufacture products that include sacks, bags, rugs, tents, covers. This is because the cotton duck is tough and highly durable. It can easily bear the tough handling and withstands the wear and tear of the daily grind. For this reason also, it is used to make tool bags and work clothes of people employed as handyman. Since it is lightweight and easy to sew, it is used to make clothes, canvass shoes, hats, coats, pillow covers, cushion covers, shower curtains, mats, table cloth, curtains, and window treatments. Being a versatile fabric, it can be easily machine washed and dried.

Cotton duck is relatively inexpensive and is easy to maintain. It does not require any special care. Due to its warp and weft weave pattern, it allows the air to pass through it. This feature is particularly helpful in making clothes for the summer months. The cotton clothes are comfortable to wear in the summer months as compared to the synthetic clothes. These absorb the sweat and make the wearer feel dry and easy. Being a natural fiber, cotton duck absorbs water. So, it is used to make mops, diapers and wipes.

A major use of the cotton duck is in the paintings. It is used by the painters as a canvas cloth to paint on. Another benefit is that the cotton cloth can be manufactured organically. This means that there are no synthetic chemicals and dyes used during the entire process of its manufacture. This makes it skin friendly and environment friendly as well. The organic cloth is safe to wear and is skin friendly. It does not cause allergies and rashes to the wearer. This is particularly helpful for the people with the sensitive skin.

Therefore, with such wonderful features to offer, there is no doubt that cotton duck is one of the most popular textile fabric with a host of varied applications.

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