Dermatologists Recommended Shaving Creams and Alternatives for Softer, Smoother Skin

Your shaving cream is probably not your skincare range product that spends the most energy, money, or time to choose. It may be more retrofit-you could still use what your mom bought for you in high school (get it completely). But think about it.


Finding a great Shaving cream not only exponentially transforms your shower routine into something like a spa, but also moisturizes your skin, prevents irritation and razor burns, soothes and smells. It will help. It makes me feel very fresh. 


It also performs a very important function by protecting the skin from sharp razor blades. "Shaving is an interaction between hair, skin, and a razor," he said. Illustrator. Shaving cream acts as a buffer between the skin and the razor, reducing friction. Do not skip (or skip) unless you like the appearance of the red bumps around the bikini line. 

What to look for in shaving cream? 

If you're used to rushing down the shaving cream aisle at your local drugstore, buying what's for sale, or choosing the most beautiful packaging, be aware of what's actually in the product. Please start paying. RazorHood experts repeatedly says to look for ingredients such as glycerin (which acts as a moisturizing emollient by drawing water from the air into the outermost layers of the skin) and aloe (an anti-inflammatory agent that helps calm the skin).

Rachel Nazarian, a dermatologist who is a fellow of the American Dermatology Society says the same. Dr. Zeichner is based in New York. He also points out not only stearic acid (another emollient) but also soothing protective ingredients such as colloidal oatmeal. 

Shea butter is highly moisturizing due to its natural vitamins and fatty acids, Debra Jaliman, M.D., Associate Professor of Dermatology at Mount Sinai School of Medicine. Adds. "It contains cinnamic acid and is anti-inflammatory," she says. Another important ingredient is jojoba oil, which acts as a natural skin conditioner. Jarman jojoba oil also has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the irritation caused by shaving, she adds.

Also note: If you have used men's shaving cream before (or if you want to switch to one because it's cheap, hello pink tax), it's totally for dermatologists no problem. “In general, men's and women's shaving creams are interchangeable,” he says. Illustrator. Like moisturizers, those sold for men contain the same ingredients as those for women, but they can have different textures and scents, he says. increase. Conclusion: It's all about personal taste. 

People with acne-prone or sensitive skin 

If you have sensitive skin, there are two things you need to be aware of. First,  shaving creams for sensitive skin have less irritating ingredients such as alcohol and fragrances, and more soothing ingredients, he says Nazarian. Another thing that sets it apart from other shaving creams and gels is that it may contain ingredients that are less frictional and make the skin slippery. This reduces the risk of razor burns and hair follicle inflammation, even when you shave your head with the help of best andis clippers.

Good news: A decent shaving cream for sensitive skin tends to be a milder formula, so it can be used on all areas of the body, including more intimate areas. “Some parts of the body, like the bikini line, can easily get frustrated by scents, perfumes, and high-alcohol products,” he says. Nazarian. Therefore, while you can certainly use regular shaving cream for the bikini line, the products advertised for sensitive skin do not contain these irritating ingredients and are ideal for sensitive skin. 

And for acne-prone skin, avoid shaving creams containing heavy oils such as coconut oil and shea butter, he warns. Jarman These ingredients are usually good for the body, but if you tend to suffer from oily skin or breakouts, be careful to use them on your face, she adds. 

Can I use it only with good old soap and water? 

Believe it or not, regular soap and water are not enough for shaving. Therefore, there is shaving cream. “Classic soaps usually remove the oil barrier too much and are very stimulating,” he explains. Nazarian. Needless to say, Barthorpe, unlike other products in shaving creams and bottles, tends to carry bacteria and germs, he adds.  

However, a gentle cleanser such as B. Dove FragranceFree Body Wash (purchase, $ 11, or another foam-free unscented cleanser works even if it is not sold as a shaving cream. "You don't need to use a special shaving cream, but you need to use something that is very moisturizing and can reduce surface tension when moving the blade across the skin," he says Nazarian. 

And when using conditioner in a pinch, it's a good alternative in terms of skin protection, he said. Nazarian. However, there is a minor problem with using conditioner instead of shaving cream. It is full of scents and perfumes. "Applying a scent or perfume to sensitive skin, especially just before it is hurt by a razor, can be irritating to people with sensitive skin," he warns. Nazarian. It's not a problem for everyone, but it's a problem for some, so avoid using conditioner, especially around the bikini line.

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