Best Ways to Get New Donors

Getting new donors for nonprofits is very important and at the same time onboarding, new donors are very difficult. So here we bring 6 ways that can help you to bring new supporters and donors. Have a look.

  • Optimize the website: website plays a vital role in showing the presence of Nonprofits and building trust for the visitors. If a website gets quite respectable numbers of visitors like 1000 per month, in that if a nonprofit's website converts 2% of visitors as a donor it will help a lot to achieve their goals. So, try to put a fundraising campaign on the website on a regular basis. 

  • Social platforms: Make use of social platforms to reach a wider audience take advantage of paid social platforms to promote your cause and connect with users emotionally. 

  • Fundraising platforms: Nowadays fundraising platforms have become more popular in getting more donors via different techniques like online donation, online auctions, ticked events, and text to give As a nonprofit, if you’re in search of the best fundraising software to manage your end-to-end fundraising activities. Try iConnectX.

  • Email notifications: Email is the heart of nonprofit marketing. Make use of your mailing list in a proper way. Don’t send emails by asking for donations every time from your supporters. Share informative content on how they can benefit by donating to charity, how they can improve their lifestyle, and more.

  • Ask new contacts: the visitors on the website or in-person who contacted your charity for the inquiry, ask them to provide their information and support in a systematic way. Once you received their contact details. Ask their support for the relevant cause they have enquired about and tell them to share your cause with other giving-minded communities. So that you can get new contacts and get more awareness about your cause.

  • Volunteers get donors: Signing up a donor to the charity is not an easy task. So, hire a volunteer to onboard donors to your charity and give each volunteer a target to bring sign-ups. By doing this you can increase your donors. 


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