Discover More About Pick And Drop App Development, Features & Cost

Out of the many innovations that took place in the on-demand industry, pick and drop app development is creating a buzz these days.

If you are still not aware of the pick-and-drop app development, this blog will provide information about its features and costs.

Before we move on to learn more about the pick-and-drop app, let us look at the top brands that are using the service to help a lot of people worldwide.

One of such brands is Swiggy Genie that owns an on-demand pick and drop app service. If you haven’t come across it yet, just browse through the information or watch YouTube videos to know how the app works to help people avail their on-demand delivery service. Else you can continue to read below to understand the concept.

Food Delivery App Development

The food delivery sector is growing rapidly and it has enabled us to enjoy our favorite meals at home/office by ordering through the app.

Yes, the food delivery apps have helped restaurants to revamp existing delivery services or build their new food delivery apps. It has helped them get higher profits. Certainly, it is time to go with the trend, and even leading restaurants are considering food delivery app development a necessity to grow.

Grocery App development

Grocery App development is one of the vital picks & drop app services on the list. Apps have changed the way people used to do grocery shopping. Now, no need to go to the grocery stores to buy groceries as you can order them through a grocery app.

Along with food delivery services, the grocery services business has also contributed to the on-demand economy market. A lot of grocery stores have realized that people now want to get groceries delivered at their doorstep, so they have been shifting to grocery app development to own a grocery app.

What Is A Pickup And Drop App?

Imagine yourself leaving your house or a meeting in a rush and after reaching the office, you get to know that you have forgotten your important file at home. It is indeed a panicky situation, isn’t it? Well, you would never want to go back all the way traveling back home to get that file. Well, you don’t have to travel either. In such situations, a pickup and drop app can come to your rescue. Yes, you heard it right, pick and drop apps are developed to help people receive anything from the stated location to the drop location. Whether you forgot anything at home or office or want to get anything from stores like groceries or meals, the app helps you get it right at your place.

How Does The Pick And Drop App Work?

During the pickup and drop app development process, the companies develop the app with the main objective of helping people get instant pick and drop services.

In this process, two apps are designed to facilitate seamless services. The first app is developed for users/customers and the second app is designed for delivery boys. Apart from this, an admin panel is created to let the owner get the details of the activities performed.

Ideally, the app works through a simple process

  • Customers register to the app
  • Post-registration the customers feed in the pickup & drop location (enter any notes if required for pick app which is sent to delivery app)
  • The delivery person near the pick-up location would take the request. It will be updated on the customer app with all the necessary details.

Interestingly, the delivery apps have GPS integrated that helps the customers to track and get the real-time status of the delivery person. It helps the customers as well as the driver to coordinate for quick and timely delivery.

Features of Pickup & Drop App

Knowing the features of a pickup and drop app for any business helps you get a clear idea of the mobile app development process.

Customer App Features (Pickup and Drop App)

  • Register to the app
  • Select Pickup Address
  • Feed-in phone number
  • Feed-in name
  • Add items for pick-up
  • If possible add an image of the item that needs to be picked up
  • Save the items for pickup
  • Select drop address
  • Provide with name & number
  • Add items to drop
  • Save drop items
  • Checkout


Features For Driver App Features (Pickup and Drop App)

  • Signup & registration
  • Availability toggle
  • Delivery history
  • Earnings status
  • Order update status
  • In-app call

Costs Incurred To Develop A Pickup And Drop App

If you want to build a pick & drop app like Needy or Swiggy Genie, get in touch with a professional on-demand app development company like Apps on Demand. Well, before you know about the costs, it is essential to know the technology stack used for the on-demand app. Make sure you discuss with your technology partner what technologies they would be used to design & develop the on-demand pickup and drop app for your business.

Get in touch with our representative to know the technology stacks we use for on-demand pick & drop app development.

When it comes to the costs of building a pickup and drop app, it is completely based on the level of customization, features, and integration that you would request and need for your brand.

Final Words

Advancement in technology is changing every day to meet the needs of people. With pick-and-drop app development,the service providers have helped people use technology to make things easier than before.

If you are into the on-demand delivery business, you can also add pick & drop features to your existing app to expand your business. Help your customers get almost everything delivered to their doorstep. Enable an easy and smart process that keeps track of real-time activities for timely and hassle-free delivery for your customers. You can also start your pick-up and delivery business with perfect pick-up and drop app solutions.

Whether you run a grocery or food delivery business, Apps on Demand helps you integrate a pickup and drop app feature to your existing on-demand delivery app development or can help you with a multi-delivery app too.

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