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Hyaprof Balance is the most recent item from the German Bio SCIENCE lab and one of the first 100% vegan filling items.

The items in the Hyaprof range are resorbable inserts of high purity. These are gels of cross-connected hyaluronic corrosive of non-creature beginning.

The protected advancements in Hyaprof items offer a longer help life , yet additionally enable the items to be infused very easily. A delicate yet exact infusion will permit your primary care physician to benefit from the treatment and furnish you with fitting outcomes.

The hyaluronic corrosive gel is profoundly flexible and subsequently empowers the utilization of the littlest needles accessible available, which empower effortless infusion.


Hyaprof Balance was created to restore volume and facial relief .

It is especially reasonable for

Profound kinks
Nasolabial folds
Hyaprof is demonstrated for infusion into the center dermis.

The term of the impacts relies upon the area and profundity of the infusion and the sort of skin being dealt with.

Results from Hyaprof Balance

Hyaprof has a quick impact and immediately noticeable outcomes:

Volume reestablished
Filled in wrinkles
A restored look
Also, there's no requirement for social downtime and you can even reapply cosmetics just after the meeting.

Hyaprof was created with expanded biocompatibility. This implies that your body will acknowledge the infusion easily. It can thusly be accepted that there are normally no unwanted impacts or aftereffects (like redness, slight irritation, tingling, responsiveness, slight sensitivities).


2 x 1 ml needles with cross-connected hyaluronic corrosive 22mg

4 x 27G needles


Hyaprof Balance should not be infused into the periorbital region (eyelids, crow's feet, dark circles).

Hyaprof should be directed via prepared and approved work force.

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