Rice noodles are noodles that are made from rice

  Rice noodles are noodles that are made from rice. Rice is nice but not only available as grains. It's also made into noodles that are ideal for quick meals. It's a one dish meal with lots of fragrant and tasty but very ez to make. Rice noodles are good used in soups and salads, such as Vietnamese crab soup or pho bo, the famous cinnamon-flavoured beef noodle soup, a soup with chicken and coconut milk.


There are many types of rice noodle. They are made from rice flour batter, which may be cut into sheets, wide noodles or very thin noodles that are sometimes called rice sticks or vermicelli. These are available dried or fresh and in widths from the finest vermicelli to sheets of fresh dough. Fresh OEM contact grill Factory rice noodles are ready-cooked and need only to be swished through hot or boiling water to loosen them up, then drained before combining with other ingredients. Wide, ribbon-like fresh rice noodles make the traditional Malaysian dish char kway teow. Fresh rice noodles will not keep for very long. If not using on the day of purchase, refrigerate. This will make them go hard, but they revert to a soft state when heated.


Our indomunch restaurant is most favour of fried rice noodles, placed in the NewYork city. Vegetable Fried Rice noodles is a very flavor and very tasty and preparation is very easy. Pour hot tap water over the noodles, gently working them apart with fingers or chopsticks. Drain, rinse under cold water, shake dry and rub in a little oil. Add a little extra oil to the wok, and toss the drained noodles and bean sprouts over high heat for 2 mins. Return the beef and snow peas to the wok, then add the rice wine, soy, oyster sauce and sugar, tossing well. Add a dash of water if dry. Scatter with spring onions and serve. 

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