Sounds that have been captured and played through speakers

The beating of mother's heart, the gurgling of her tummy, the murmur of voices. These are all noises that soothe a newborn baby. Sounds that have been captured and played through speakers of pricey equipment. Don't be another victim of baby boutique-itis. I will admit I have been lured by the cuteness of baby products that I see, that I never knew of 10 seconds ago and suddenly I need it. I'm quickly put in my place when I see the price tag. The reality is that baby really only needs two main things, a warm body and mother's milk.To achieve the closeness babies really need, you would need to hold them all of the time. In the first few days of motherhood bliss it may seem like you will ratchet tie down factory never put your baby down. Reality is sure to hit soon after.
Those dishes in the sink aren't going to clean themselves, and your cats hair balls are beginning to resemble tumbleweeds in a barren desert. Your arms may be getting stronger but it is a slow process. It's funny how 8lbs of baby in the morning feels more like a 50lb bag of potatoes in your tired arms at night.So what if there was a way to hold your baby close to your heart and mop the floor? Would it surprise you if I told you it was possible? It's not some new fangled idea or product, people all over the world have been doing it for centuries. It is often referred to as baby wearing or baby slinging. Cultures all over have different ways of wearing their babies but they all use the same principle of using some type of material that is tied, wrapped, or sewn in one way or another creating a baby sling. This frees up your hands for anything else and also helps to distribute the babies weight. If there was anyway to make washing dishes more fun it would sure include being able to see and feel baby resting on your chest.Baby slings are so cost affective and take up very little room in your diaper bag. Quality slings usually range in price from about thirty dollars to about a hundred and twenty dollars.
If you use a baby sling to its full potential it can replace all kinds of pricey baby equipment. No more bouncer, swing, stroller, and no carrying a bulky detachable car seat where ever you go. Even if you don't plan on carrying your baby all the time it is still a good idea to have one for going grocery shopping, going to the beach, and the park with an older child. Have you ever attempted pushing your stroller in the sand? Well I have and I wouldn't wish that on anyone. Chasing a toddler is so much easier if you have a sling because you wont have to leave baby behind in a stroller to catch big brother or sister. Some brilliant person (probably a mom) even came up with water slings so you can have baby comforted in your arms while you take them wading (no swimming please) in the pool.If you want to be able to enjoy your baby to the fullest and you don't have a maid I strongly suggest you look into a baby sling that would suit your needs and style. When you have a sling you will quickly learn that it makes the world a much more baby friendly place.
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