Distinguishing Real Opal from A Fake Opal

Have you ever wondered what exactly you are receiving when you pay for stones? Synthetic opal does exist! Partially artificial stones like triplets and doubles exist too. Suppose you buy black opal jewelry and it turns out to be artificial. What would you do in such situations?


Well, today we are going to discuss how to know the difference between a real opal and a fake opal. Without dragging it much, let's get straight into the discussion.


  1. Check if the stone has any white body tone or is transparent. If so, it is genuinely solid and you are seeing a white or crystal opal. Every doublet and triplet is dark in body tone due to their artificial black backing.
  2. Pay attention to the sides of the opal. In case it has multiple visible layers, it can be a doublet or triplet(not a solid opal). Triplets will have a 3rd clear and domed layer on the top of the opal.
  3. Look at the back of the opal and find if it feels like a hard black or grey plastic. Maximum genuine solid opals have irregularity in these areas. Either curved or bumpy because of their natural formation. However, a man-made stone is quite flat due to the 2 flat sections glued together.
  4. Look if the top of the opal looks glassy. Triplets have hard clear quartz or plastic. Hence, the top of the opal reflects differently. Moreover, if you can see through the top of the opal from a side view, you are seeing a triplet.


Bear in mind that triplets, doubles, or synthetic opals are an excellent substitute for natural opal. The best part is, they are affordable as well. However, you must be aware of what you are purchasing to prevent misleading or overcharging.


Next time when you buy black opal ring Australia, we recommend you to connect with reputed dealers who hold gemological qualifications. Alongside, they will offer certificates of authenticity with their opals. Even if you purchase from random shops, make sure you check it or get it tested first.

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