Customer Portal Design: 4 Best Practices to Implement in 2022

Almost every business now knows and uses customer portals to improve their customer service. But that doesn’t guarantee customer satisfaction.

Your portal is the face of your customer service. 50 percent of customers will switch to another brand after one bad experience. So, you must offer a positive experience with an appealing, intuitive, and feature-rich customer portal design.

If you had a physical retail store, you would ensure that customers get the best experience possible. The sections are designed systematically, and the support people are well-versed with all the products in the store.

You would make it possible that they don’t leave without purchasing or with a bad experience. Think about your customer portal the same way. Ensure it serves customers the way it’s supposed to.

Let’s look at the 4 customer portal design best practices that will surely help you in 2022.

1. Build with Purpose

Start by thinking about your customers’ requirements and what service they need – communication, document sharing, profile management, etc. Think about the features your portal should consider in order to help them with self-service. Along with customers, also think about your support team and how the portal will simplify their work. If you can’t, think about the questions that your customers often ask – if it’s about performance, you need to provide them reports on the dashboard. You can provide a knowledge base and ticket management if it’s about ticket generation. For your support team, think about their challenges – repetitive queries – add FAQs and case deflection.

Remember that your portal is effective only when customers and staff use it. If it serves a purpose, both your customers and staff will benefit from it.

Tip: If the purpose is instant solution/help, add features like advanced search and knowledge base to help customers help themselves.

Challenges to tackle during customer portal design

  • Too much data clutter
  • Complicated browsing
  • Customer relationships
  • Optimized portal

2. Focus on UI

First impressions are the most important part of the customer journey. If the store looks appealing, they are likely to stay and browse. Hence, start with the look and feel, i.e., the visuals and graphics, and then proceed towards functional design and how the portal works.

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