What is the importance of Traffic Commissioner Public Enquiry?

Vehicle operators have to take care of multiple compliances and issues while in the business. They have to maintain legal compliances, logistics, drivers, and the list goes on. They are also answerable to higher authorities in the government. It is a big part of their business process. It is an important aspect that ensures the smooth running of their business. (Information Credit - https://olmcgroup.co.uk/services/public-inquiry/ )


One such authority is the Office of The Traffic Commissioners. Operators have to appear for public enquiries, which are called by the traffic commissioners. There can be various for a public enquiry to be invoked against an operator. The DVSA have high tech intelligence-gathering systems from Automatic Vehicle Recognition to Operator Compliance Risk Scores systems to mobile weighbridges to Whistleblower lines, to good old fashioned site visits and roadside stops, any negative findings can result in an operator being called to Public Inquiry.


Severeness of Public Enquiry

  1. The enquiry is Public and is essentially called when a business or sole trader is accused of operating goods vehicles or passenger vehicles in a way that is not compliant with operator licensing legislation.
  2. If called to public inquiry, your operator licence, ability to operate vehicles and your own reputation as an operator is now at risk.
  3. If called to public inquiry, the reputation of the business owner, Director, Partners or Sole trader is at risk.
  4. The Traffic Commissioners have extensive powers to affect your business; this includes the ability to restrict the vehicles you can operate and where you can operate from.
  5. The Traffic Commissioners have extensive powers to make you carry out additional duties (Undertakings) or even revoke your operator’s licence. 


How to tackle Public Enquiry

It is always best to take preventive measures and follow the government guidelines so that you can avoid these enquiries. There are some common issues due to which operators get called in. However, if you do get called in. preparing for the enquiry is extremely important. These are some of the checkpoints that you can keep in mind while preparing for an enquiry

  • Preventative Maintenance Inspections are taking place on time
  • Drivers’ hours' offences are arising
  • Daily defect reports are being completed
  • You have the necessary financial standing
  • You have been dishonest with the Office of the Traffic Commissioner or DVSA / VOSA
  • You have proper maintenance contracts in place.


The sole purpose of these enquiries is to hold the operators accountable. The logistics and transportation industry involves a lot of risks, and it is extremely important to follow the guidelines to ensure safety. These enquiries ensure that the guidelines are followed, and all the preparations are done on time by the operators, be it about the compliance of the vehicle maintenance. 


Having an experienced consultancy for your guidance can be of huge help for operators. Reputable consultants have vast experience and knowledge, with which they can guide you in every aspect of the business. If faced with a public enquiry, having a consultant for your support will ensure your success. OLMC Group is a reputable consultant with expertise in public enquiry defence. For more visit the website of OLMC. 

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