7 Main Things Nobody Will Tell you about short story writing

When you're starting as a short story writer, it's difficult to predict how to begin or proceed with the story writing job. Also, many people won't tell you about the process because they might not want you to compete with them with your knowledge and skills. But if you're serious about writing, it's essential to know what you're getting into. (Information Credit - https://roseonthehorizon.com/short-stories/)

So here are some things most people won't tell you about writing short stories.

1) You need to research before you start writing.

If you're writing about an institution, organization or society, you must research that particular topic. You can either opt for written material or even consult people in the field of your story. No matter what kind of research you do, it will help you write better.

2) Set a word count goal.

People have different reasons for short story writing, but the most common ones are either they want to break into commercial fiction or receive positive feedback from their readers. If you're doing it because of the latter, remember that you need to let your readers know about your short story to get feedback. So set a word count goal before writing so that once the draft is complete, you can email it directly to your friends or family members.

3) It isn't always about writing what you know or like.

Writing is not just about telling your own story; you need to learn how to read the audience's pulse and write accordingly. Many writers shout on mainstream media to give them more freedom, but they aren't getting enough ideas for their stories. So instead of relying on mainstream media, you need to go out and experience what others are writing about to find your path.

4) Format correctly for submission.

Most writers don't opt for content proofreading services which are completely fine. However, not considering this job during the story writing process may be wrong. Proofreading helps you to catch mistakes and correct them. If you don't have the luxury of time, simply look for a reliable and affordable proofreading service on a budget.

5) Keep track of your submissions.

If you want to be a successful short story writer, you need to know how many publications have rejected your work. So what you can do is keep track of all the submission responses to see where this is taking you. If it's not working, there are many other websites for short story submissions.

6) Don't give up.

The writing process is not easy, and you will come across rejections along the way, but don't give up just yet. There are always other opportunities waiting for you. When your story gets accepted for publication, it might be a time when it's all worth it.

7) Don't let someone else influence your work.

Of course, some editors will correct your work for you, but make sure that they aren't influencing the way you write. Since this is your story and only yours, write it in your style no matter what.

How to create good topics for short stories?

Writing is a challenging task, especially if you're doing it first. There are big projects that need to be completed, but short stories also require constant updating. This is especially true for beginner writers who have no idea what they should write about or how to start their short stories.

1) Ask yourself what you want to write about

As a beginner writer, you likely have no ideas on what you can write about. This is where asking yourself questions becomes essential. Ask yourself a simple question: What do I want to write about? Once you have figured out the answer, there are several ways through which you can develop your story.

2) Get ideas from movies and books

If you are in trouble when it comes to writing your own stories, then understanding the ideas of others may help you. Many movies and books have come up with some brilliant storylines. Though you cannot copy these stories entirely, having an idea about them can help you create something equally good or even better.

3) Be a part of the community

If you are a beginner writer, joining a writing community can help you get ideas. Members here will offer suggestions on how you can start your story.

4) Think about the experiences you have had

Believe it or not, your own experiences can be a great way to start writing. Whether you want to write a horror tale or a simple love story, basing the plot on your personal experience always works.

5) Read other author's stories

If you're serious about writing, then reading is necessary. Reading will help you get inspired and give you better skills in storytelling. It can also open your mind to various types of short stories. Once you have read interesting short stories from other authors, think about what sort of ideas they used and how it was executed.

10 Key Things to consider while writing short stories:

No matter on what topic you are writing on, there is a specific list of things you should consider while writing short stories:

1) Thorough research needs to be done before you start writing a story

2) Before you start writing, get a clear idea of your target audience.

3) You have to keep in mind that short stories are short. This means that they should not take more than 5 minutes to read. This also means that the report should be exciting and fast too.

4) The language used should be simple and should not be complex.

5) The story should have a clear beginning, middle, and end.

6) Always remember that the story should have an element of surprise.

7) If you are writing horror or any other type of tale, make sure it is not too scary to read.

8) Always think about what your readers want when writing short stories.

9) The characters used in the short story should be relatable to the reader.

10) It is always better to write your story on paper before putting it down in words.

Final thoughts:

One of the best ways to develop a good topic for your short story is by keeping an open mind. Pay attention to what's happening around you, and create a list of exciting ideas that could be developed into something extraordinary. Once you have some potential topics, please start thinking about which one would work well as a short story--consider long-term here!

Besides, you may take inspiration from certain websites, such as Rose on the Horizon. They will be more than happy to help you with their out-of-the-box story writing ideas that grab reader's attention and sell more! If you are sure about them, reach out to their official website today.

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