Professional photo editing in instagram

Professional photo editing
One of the tricks of Instagram is that you can do a lot of editing on the photo.
Sometimes when we want to publish a photo as a post; It becomes so beautiful that we wish I could save it in the gallery. The good news for you is that this is possible.
Follow these steps to save high-resolution edited photos from Instagram.
In the settings section, tap Account. Then select the original post option and enable save original post.
From now on, every post you share on Instagram; Automatically saved in your gallery.
Another good news!
You can use Instagram as a professional editor without posting a photo on Instagram.
After activating the above settings, put your phone in airplane mode.
Now open Instagram and select a photo from the gallery and edit it. Continue on your way and when you are in the last step, refrain from adding a title or location and simply submit the image.
Instagram can't send the photo because the airplane mode is on, but instead, you will have the same edited photo in your phone gallery.
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