instagram interesting tricks

How do we know who hacked our Instagram?
Have you ever felt that someone other than yourself is working on your page and doing whatever he or she wants?
If you feel that way; Do not ignore this sixth sense of yours.
Join us to catch your page thief!
    Tap the top three lines on the right and enter Settings.
    Select the Security option.
    Finally, by selecting the Login Activity option, you will see a list of devices that are connected to your account.
If you only saw one device; This means that only you are active on this page. Of course, keep in mind that it does not show the location very accurately and may have registered several locations for you!
If it shows how many devices, what should we do?
Do not worry at all; Showing several devices in this section can have two meanings.
    You are already logged in with another mobile phone or computer.
If the second case has also occurred; Keep your cool. As long as we are with you, there is no need to worry. Follow the steps below to get rid of this information thief from your phone.
There are three dots next to the device shown; Tap it and select Log Out. That's how easy it is for this hacker.
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