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Confirm the two stages of Instagram
To increase the security of your Instagram; You can have a personal code in addition to the password you set for it.
By doing this, if you want to log in to your Instagram page from another device; In addition to the original password, the code sent to you by Instagram is also required.
Two-step verification of Instagram
How to get the code
In the content of Instagram tricks, we will tell you how to get this code through the following steps.
Log in to the account and then setting and select security. Our preferred option is two-factor authentication. By selecting this section, three options will appear for you.
    The first option (authentication App (recommended)) will transfer you to your Google Account to download and run the authentication program.
    By selecting the second option, a code will be sent to your WhatsApp number.
    The third option also sends you the code via SMS.
You can easily turn an abuse of your page into an invincible giant for others.
Who have you asked for a follow before?
You must know; You can not follow pages that are private. You must send a request to them to open the page for you.
To know which pages you have requested; Follow these steps.
    Log in to Instagram Settings.
    In the Security section, select Access Data.
    In the Connections section, find the Current Follow Requests option and tap on it.
    Through these steps, you will see a list of pages that you have already submitted a request for.
Of course, there are other options in this section, including the ones you have blocked (ACCOUNTS YOU BLOCKED) and C
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