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A collection of favorite filters on Instagram
One of the tricks of Instagram is to have a collection of favorite filters. There are photo editing filters on Instagram, some of which are more appealing to us than others. You can put your favorite filters at the top of the list to get better and faster access to it. Also removed the remaining extra filters. To do this, first enter the filters section when posting a video or photo. In the last part of the list of filters, select the Manage option and use the three parallel lines option on the left side of the filters to change the order of the filters. Also on the right side of each filter is an option that you can mark to add favorite filters to the list or remove the desired filter from the main list by unchecking. Of course, these filters are not completely removed and can be added to the list again if needed. Finally, save the changes by selecting the Done option.
Notify me of posts by favorite users
Another trick of Instagram is to know the posts of favorite users. To make sure you do not miss any of your favorite user posts, you should do the following:
First, go to the profile of the person you want, then select the three-dot option on the top right. Then select the Turn on Post Notifications item to be notified if the person in question shared the post. Now, if you no longer want to be notified, repeat the steps again and this time select the Turn off Post Notifications option.
See the activities of the people you follow
Another Instagram trick is to see the activity of the users you follow. Follow the steps below if you want to know what the users you follow do on Instagram.
Click on the heart shape on the main page of your account. Now select Following from the top of the page and see the activity of the others.
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