Do not use the hashtag inappropriately in instagram

Do not use the hashtag inappropriately
Another common misconception among failed pages is the misuse of hashtags. That is, they either do not use any hashtags in their posts or use hashtags inappropriately.
I have to say without face! Not everything is going to happen in every corner of the globe, you show yourself. If it was your personal page, it would be different then and I would not say that.
But we are talking about an Instagram work page. There is only one exception. Participate in happy occasions that appeal to everyone. For example, upload a post for Nowruz greetings.
The next important point about hashtags is their number. You should know that Instagram has set a limit for the use of hashtags.
You can not use more than 30 hashtags per post. Opinions differ on the appropriate number of hashtags. However, most experts believe that 15 hashtags per post is sufficient.
    Do not follow everyone
Many people follow you when you create an Instagram work page. Know that you should not follow them all. Unless you have the same background.
On the other hand, this will damage the credibility of your page. So try to avoid following pages that are not related to your business as much as possible. You can create a regular page and follow any page you want.
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