Create rainbow text in instagram stories

Create rainbow text in stories
Creating multicolored text in an Instagram story is not a secret trick and many users use it. First select the typing tool, then type the characters, select each character or word, and then change their color. But creating a rainbow text is much easier than that.
To do this quickly, first type the text and then select the whole thing. After doing this, place a thumb on the first color on the right and hold until the gradient tool appears. Hold the other thumb on the corner of the text and while changing the color, move the finger on the text so that your text easily turns into a text with different colors.
Upload long videos to stories
Instagram Story only accepts 15-second videos. In the past, this has led people to use video cropping apps to upload longer videos. But for a long time now, by uploading a long video to a story, the Instagram app automatically converts it to 15-second videos.
To do this, first upload the video you want and if it is more than 15 seconds, at the bottom you can see the different parts of it, each of which is 15 seconds. Then select each of them and edit them separately, and finally tap Next. This allows a series of videos to be displayed seamlessly one after the other.
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