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Secondly, the reason why I call the new brand 'Weiguang' is the result of careful consideration after the decision, which to the market, to the customer to pass a confidence, Wei Guang floor is a long-term, sustainable development projects, We must choose the distributor in the process of mutual recognition of our values and business ideas, with us to match the comprehensive strength, we can work together on the development of this project. Weiguang brand has a strategic launch From the market analysis, we can continue to expand through the Weiguang floor market share,the formation of Anxin and Weiguang keep pace in the market situation.From the capital operation,Cheap outdoor WPC pergolas we through the operation of the two brands,

to speed up the cash flow Speed, shorten the product turnover cycle, so that effectively improve our capital utilization, to maximize the efficiency of capital.In addition, from the control of the industrial chain, the overall increase in sales more convenient for us in the international market competition in a dominant position , Easier to grasp the initiative of raw material procurement, Lu Weiguang said. The industry related to basic necessities is one of the key points of Carlyle's investment in China. Solid wood flooring is a high-end consumer goods, and as people's living standards are improved, says Zaire, ,In China has a huge market space for development; the most important thing is,

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the franchisees around the country settled, sales outlets all taste, ready to go. Up to now, hundreds of Weiguang stores are ready. Merchants speed, the quality of the most investment in the industry unprecedented. For the new brand favored, Lu Weiguang said: First of all,Buying Best PVC Composite Railing Weiguang floor set of accumulated resources in the past 10 years, capital,technology, experience, talent in one, and get the investment and support Carlyle, its development prospects worthy of our expectations!
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