How to Control the Grinding Fineness of Construction Waste Crushers

Grinding is one of the most important steps that need high cost in the ore beneficiation plant. The grinding fineness of the construction waste crusher has great influence on the gradation level of the minerals and the recovery rate of the materials. As the domestic mining industry is developing rapidly, the construction waste crusher manufacturers have made strict requirement for the grinding fineness of construction waste crushers. Therefore, how to effectively control the grinding fineness has been the concern for most mining machinery enterprises and customers. Here our experts will give users some advice about how to make the most use of the construction waste crushers for realizing the perfect grinding effect: 1. The abrasion degree of the construction waste crushers blades is a core problem we need to care about. When the blades are worn, few materials will be fed back which will cause the grinding fineness to become larger. 2. Strong abrasion will influence the smooth work of the construction waste crusher by reducing the service life. Therefore, users should try their best to reduce the abrasion between construction waste crushers accessories. 3. We should also pay attention to the rotary speed of the construction waste crusher. To rotate too quickly or too slowly will cause serious problems to the equipment. Therefore, before and during the operation of the construction waste crusher and classifier, we should adjust the rotary speed to the proper one in order to guarantee the excellent performance of the mining machines. 4. The size and height of the construction waste crushers opening mouth plays an important role in the ore beneficiation process. The bigger the opening mouth is, the larger the material feeding amount gets and the finer the grinding materials will become; vice versa.
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