How to make an interactive cat laser pointer

We made an interactive cat high powered laser game, controlled by mobile phone, and an automatic mode. We used a gimbal device we found on the Internet (information and credit at the back of this article), adjusted it to fit the laser diode, connected it to our mobile phone with a Bluetooth module, and then started playing with Little Pepper, which turned out to be Ramenco dancers.

Step process:

Step 1: Insert the laser diode into the hole in the top plastic part. You may need to solder longer wires to the diode. Note: Home 3D printers are often inaccurate, so if the laser does not fit the hole, you can manually extend it with a 6mm drill bit. Just make sure not to drill all the time, as the tip is a bit narrow to prevent the green light laser pointer from popping out of its place.

Step 2: Place the servo so that its ribs meet the ribs of the top plastic part.

Step 3: Use two M2 sheet metal screws to fix the server in place. Make sure that the servo does not crush the laser line and place the line in the tunnel below it.

Step 4: Place the second server in the middle plastic part. Insert the wires into the niche, which can be a bit difficult because the servo needs to sit tightly. We use a screwdriver to force it into it.

Step 5: Place a servo speaker in the alcove.

Step 6: Connect the steering gear horn to the steering gear head, and screw the M3 bolt into the nut from the other side. At this time, you need to manually check the servo movement range by moving left and right. This is important because if the range is limited, the servo may get stuck (you can see how we did it in the video). After adjusting the range, put the steering gear horn screw between the steering gear horn and the steering gear.

We decided to use two small servo motors because they are relatively cheap and can carry the weight of the blue laser without any problem (very light). We chose a simple laser diode and a Bluetooth HC-05 connection device so that we can control the laser through the mobile phone. Unfortunately, it only works on Android (sorry iPhone users).


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