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The laser pointer shop designed for this portable pen is aimed at a laser pointer with an output power of only 30 == mW, with a wavelength of 650nm. It has a fairly average laser pointer wavelength, but it is enough for me to make precise and accurate line alignment for my cycling work. The portable design allows it to be easily installed wherever needed. In order for a high powered laser pointer to emit blue light, it must understand the laws of physics. A photon, that is, a light particle, can extract a second identical photon from the semiconductor metal if it simply flies over the plate in a suitable way. In order for a semiconductor to emit photons, it must first be in the correct state using an external voltage source (in this case, a battery). From this perspective, buying a blue laser pointer is enough.

Usually only one person needs to quit approximate riding. In addition, the operator does not need to spend a lot of time preparing the green laser pointer alignment operation. The operation of this portable laser collimator always minimizes time and energy consumption. The trick of laser is to collect this kind of light that is too weak, this kind of light can not be perceived by the human eye, and emit it as a clearly distinguishable light. After being installed on the required work surface, it began to generate a fairly stable red laser pointer line for correct calibration and alignment for my further riding process.

In the case that a longer working distance needs to be aligned, it is best to choose a higher power laser pointer with a wavelength of 532nm for alignment. At longer working distances, the green laser pointer alignment always becomes more obvious, and a brighter green laser pointer line is generated. This trend seems to continue in the football field. Under no circumstances should the extreme Rechargeable Laser Pointer be shot directly into the eyes because there is a risk of severe retinal burns or even blindness, especially the green variant.


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