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Can you advise me where I can download free music for our company's promotional video? We are currently conducting an advertising campaign with the provision of our services. And we can't release our video clips on YouTube because they are often blocked videos, music tracks, or asked to remove music from advertising.
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Thanks for sharing! My friend is researching this topic, so your blog helps him a lot. You are doing a great job here. I hope I'm gonna see more posts in the future. Good Luck!!
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Remixes are not suitable for commercials, since YouTube already recognizes all this and can block your video. You can try to change the tone of the music to a higher one, but the probability that this will work is very small. The easiest way is to find the cover of the music that you have chosen for advertising. Or use free music in the inaudio service there's a large selection, what you need you can pick up. All the music that is presented here is not copyrighted and can b...  more
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You need to choose the music for the ads that not will be copyright-free. Or hire a music composer who will write you music for a video clip. Our company, which provides legal services, did exactly that. We hired a composer who wrote the music.
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