The working principle of the portable laser pointer

Development of laser cutting technology

Laser cutting technology is clean, safe and pollution-free, which greatly improves the working environment of operators. Of course, in the accuracy and surface roughness of the incision, CO2 blue laser pointer cutting can not exceed the electrical processing; In terms of cutting thickness, it is difficult to reach the level of flame cutting and plasma cutting. But the above significant advantages are enough to prove that CO2 laser cutting has been and is replacing part of the traditional cutting process methods, especially for a variety of non-metallic material cutting. It is an advanced processing method with rapid development and wide application. With the development of high power laser and the use of high performance CNC and servo system, the use of high power laser cutting can achieve high machining speed, while reducing the heat affected zone and thermal deformation; In order to improve the ground, the high power laser can be generated from the low power laser by q-switching or loading pulse waves.

Laser pointer interactive system

Laser point detection methods, coordinate mapping methods and interactive methods are mainly used in the red laser pointer interactive system. The wireless laser pointer interactive system can complete a feature-rich interactive system. However, the system requires additional embedded equipment to solve the problems of inconvenient installation and deployment.

The appearance characteristics of the portable laser pointer

For the convenience of the teacher, the teaching high powered laser pointer locator has flash drive function, including lining and handle. At one end of the pen is a button with a card on it. Install the microphone in which there is a knob on the other side of the hinge, there is a switch on the other side of the knob, there is a slider on the other side of the knob, there is an impact bald on the other side of the handle, so a flash drive is installed between the inside of the handle, and there is a telescopic support rod between it and the button. The teaching laser pointer with flash memory function mainly includes recording, laser start and flash memory function. When used in teaching, it can be noticed that learning items can be stored on a USB disk by using the laser pointer. Through the record function, you can record class contents in time. It has many functions. The USB flash drive is designed to be extended by pushing and pulling levers, thus effectively protecting the USB flash drive from damage. When the handle is connected to the tube, the USB disk can be inserted into the hole. Laser pointer is more functional and practical than ordinary laser pointer.

Features and advantages of portable laser pointers

The portable laser pencil is composed of pen, external components, light source and power supply, pen, external components, light source and power supply, which are installed in the spring, For electrical connection, there are radiators for shell parts, connectors, tail wings and outlets, and heating devices are used, The heat of the light-emitting part is transferred to the external portable laser pen, allowing the user to carry the portable laser pen freely through the external parts. The outlet heating device effectively improves the heat dissipation performance of the portable Green laser pointer and solves the problems easily found near the outlet, In addition, it also facilitates the transportation and storage of heat, improves the working experience with users, and makes it easier for them to put in their pockets and carry with them.


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