Need to know the knowledge of diamond saw blades

Diamond saw blades are often used in the stone and construction industries. The following introduces the incisive summary of diamond saw blades for cutting stone work, and the basic knowledge of diamond saw blades:
1. The blocks should not be less than 0.5m3, and should be placed securely. The bottom surface should be padded with square wood and the plugs should be solid and firm. The blocks should be located on the symmetrical position of the workbench to ensure the stability of the work trolley and the blocks, and there should be no shaking. , Shaking phenomenon.
2. The diamond saw blade can be tested after idling and stable. It is forbidden to start the diamond saw blade when the edge of the diamond saw blade touches the block. It is forbidden to stop the diamond saw blade rolling during cutting.
3. If you find that the blocks are shaking during cutting, you should immediately stop the cutting. After the blocks are fixed and strong, you can continue to work. During cutting, it is forbidden to move the blocks at will.
4. Idling: Especially when the new substrate is used, it needs to be idling for about 30 minutes, and it needs to be idling with water in the summer high temperature season. The purpose is to further eliminate the influence of the welding head on the substrate, and to enhance the diamond saw blade to persist under high-speed rotation. Reminiscence of connotative quality.
5. Adjust the stroke switch according to the length, width and height of the block to make the diamond saw blade lift and the stroke of the feeder within a reliable and useful range. Before sawing, the diamond saw blade should be 10-20mm away from the block. After sawing , The saw blade should be left 20-40mm away from the bottom of the block. Before the diamond saw blade travels around, the diamond saw blade should be completely exited from the block saw, and the distance should not be less than 150-200mm to prevent the diamond saw blade from hitting the waste. material.
Although diamond saw blades (marble diamond saw blades, granite diamond saw blades) do not require frequent care like precious items, if you want fast cutting efficiency and good use of diamond saw blades, you need to pay attention to maintenance. Maintenance can not only make diamond saws The appearance of the blade becomes more beautiful, which is more conducive to improving the quality of the diamond saw blade.
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