Green Laser Pointer | A must for astronomers

The green laser pointer 5000mw is the most popular laser pointer in the world, because green light is 6 times brighter than red, and the beam is more obvious than red, but the price is much cheaper than blue. Therefore, laser pointer users generally use green pens. In addition, the qualified finger star pen must emit monochromatic light, even if it passes through the prism, there will be no dispersion phenomenon, while the colored light emitted by ordinary color lamps is often mixed by the three primary colors of red, green and blue. The resulting polychromatic light will "appear" as soon as it passes through the prism. The star pen generally uses a green laser pointer. The principle of the laser was discovered in 1916 by the famous American physicist Albert Einstein, but it was not until 1960 that it was successfully manufactured for the first time. It is called the fastest knife, the most precise ruler, the brightest light and the magical laser. The laser driver is an important part of producing laser light. The physical laser represents light amplification by radiation stimulation.

The 3000mw laser pointer that are allowed to point to objects are those below Class III B. It is important to understand where the indicator should be used. Color is also very important to its strength. The laser pointer in the red color is the one used in classrooms and meetings. In fact, this type of pointer is also used for gatherings because it is safe. For general use, a red laser pointer is required, and the yellow laser pointer is next to the red laser. The light they emit has the same power source, but the yellow color cannot be effectively directed to the object due to its lighter color, but both have the same 650nm or 2 megawatt power in terms of operation.

If the beam enters the eyes directly, the Class IIb laser in this class may cause damage. This usually applies to lasers with a power of 5-500 mW. Such high-power lasers may also have a fire hazard and can slightly burn the skin. It's like a burning laser pointer. The use of laser pointers has become widespread. The laser pointer is a useful tool for educators in classes, conferences and meetings. However, due to low cost and ubiquitous supply, these laser pointers are now purchased and used by the general public, including children, and used in ways that manufacturers do not want. Therefore, serious concerns about the harm of Burning Laser Pointers have surfaced.


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