Four questions about laser pointers

What is the price difference of the laser pointer?

Rechargeable Laser Pointer pointers with different output powers and wavelengths will have different production costs and different technical requirements. For example, the price range of a green laser and a 200mw red laser are the same. Red lasers above 300mw are more expensive. Blue lasers, especially high output power, have low raw material costs and low technical requirements. It is always available at a lower price.

Can you really see the green laser beam?
Yes, the high-power 5mW green 3000mw laser pointer has a clearly visible green beam, even in a slightly hazy condition, in a smoky nightclub or theater, the beam is easy to see.

Generally speaking, what is the correct green laser pointer?
The 5mw device is suitable for general use as a high-power laser pointer 5000mw pointer, used for pointing displays and identifying buildings, and many other general purposes.

Green laser pointers, what are they for?
Professional presentations, astronomers pointing out the constellations and stars in the night sky, bird watching, tour guides, construction engineers and workers pointing out points of interest for the project, camping, hiking, etc.

The laser 20000mwdiode module also adopts an adjustable focus design. After the laser beam aperture part is relatively simply baked, the high-intensity green laser beam is concentrated into a relatively small green spot, which can always conveniently ensure the super-clear point indication on all target surfaces.

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