Diamond saw blade technology classification

    1. Sintered diamond saw blade: It is divided into cold pressing sintering and hot pressing sintering, and it is made by pressing and sintering.
    2. Welding diamond saw blades: divided into two types: brazing and laser welding. Brazing is to weld the cutter head and the base through a high-temperature melting medium, such as high-frequency induction brazing saw blades, vacuum brazing saw blades, etc.;
    Laser welding uses a high-temperature laser beam to melt the contact edge of the cutter head and the substrate to form a metallurgical bond.
    3. Electroplating (brazing) diamond saw blade: It is to attach the blade powder to the substrate by electroplating. Since 2012, the country has gradually cancelled the production of electroplated diamond products, mainly because the pollution is quite serious.
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