Diamond wire saw cutting method

    The diamond wire saw is a cutting tool. Of course, the cutting method must be used. How to work better, the following editor will talk about the ring sawing method?
    The diamond saw we use is made into a beaded ring to cut the stone above. This is combined with the drive of the diamond saw to pull a string of diamond beads to cut the stone under the conditions of rotation and movement. The curve is very long, and the radius of curvature will change from large to small, so this method is more suitable for cutting.
    Piercing: First, design a position on the wire saw for piercing. If it is vertical, make a vertical hole in the saw. If they are at right angles to each other, it will pass. Generally, the hole diameter is about five centimeters. Vertical holes can be drilled with a drill. For horizontal holes, a horizontal slot-guided rock drill should be used, so that the holes can be designed higher, and the reference equipment on the reference can ensure accurate penetration of the vertical holes.
    Lasso: After the perforation construction is completed, you can proceed to the next step, insert the beaded diamond string into the vertical hole, and remove the metal hook from the horizontal hole, so that the diamond wire can be sawed into an endless loop. Place it on the driving wheel of the diamond saw. Open the diamond watchband, pay attention to keep the two holes parallel and tangential to the correct direction, without deviation.
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