Golden Teacher Mushrooms: Effects, Risks, and How to Get Help

Golden Teacher Magic Mushroom has mild to moderate potency. The recommended dose of dried golden teacher mushrooms is between 1 and 2.5 grams. For most people, 2 grams is recommended to feel some effect, but nothing is too overwhelming or intense. For more experienced shrumers, this dose may be too low to elicit any type of significant psychedelic effect-but for inexperienced or novice strummers who have never taken Golden Teacher. As relevant, the recommended dose is 1 gram-2.5 grams, sufficient to determine a certain margin of error.
The Golden Teacher Magic Mushroom is perfect for anyone looking for a first-time psychedelic experience. This strain is considered to be very mild, but it is highly recommended to start with caution, especially when starting for the first time. Beginner mushrooms are advised to start the Golden Teacher's Psychedelic Journey with a starting dose of 1 gram, wait 3 hours before continuing, or follow further steps.
For experienced and enthusiastic Schlumers looking for a more intense and profound psychedelic experience, higher doses start at 3 grams or more. If you are a very experienced shroomer familiar with the effects of psychedelics (especially when it comes to golden teacher mushrooms), 4-5 grams should be enough to fully experience the golden teacher. It is important to note that these high doses are recommended only for experienced psychonauts and experienced mushroom users.
There are generally five travel levels that trippers can experience in any psychedelic experience, ranging from relatively relaxing and relaxing to extreme psychedelic trips. The effectiveness of psychedelic strips depends largely on the strain and strain of the mushrooms used, the level of potency, the level of experience of taking psychedelics, and a variety of internal and external factors.
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