DaVinci dynamics is ready to launch the DC100

DaVinci dynamics is ready to launch the DC100

On July 17, DaVinci dynamics will celebrate its 2021 opening day and officially launch its first electric bicycle model: DC100.To get more news about DC100, you can visit davincimotor.com official website.

As an electric motorcycle, DC100 has powerful performance, which can be comparable to L (1000cc) motorcycle.In addition, it is a dynamic two wheeled robot that provides an optimized, intelligent and enthusiastic driving experience.
DC100 is a future coffee racing car, which aims to let drivers fully experience the fun of driving: simple design, excellent performance and easy driving experience.In terms of performance, the maximum power of DC100 is 100.75 kW (137 HP) and the maximum torque is 850 nm.

The load of DC100 is very easy to access.The motorcycle is powered by a ternary high energy density lithium battery pack.The battery is compatible with high-voltage platform, has high charge discharge rate, and can use three-stage fast DC charging to provide 0% to 100% charging in about 30 minutes.

Due to its excellent performance, DC100 is a wheeled robot that provides an optimized control experience.The DC100 is integrated into the vehicle control system to provide instantaneous acceleration at each turn and provide simple and optimal braking balance to improve safety and control.Different from the complex control of traditional motorcycles, DC100 combines parkassist and slope assist to ensure that the driver can easily reverse even on a slope, and optimize balance and energy recovery.

In addition, a DC100 Smartphone Application, DaVinci, was launched.Phones are more than keys and dashboards.During driving, it integrates map navigation without changing the application.The application can also obtain the vehicle status information in real time, locate the vehicle geographically, and support the vehicle system update through FOTA.

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