Golden teacher mushrooms: the next big thing in beverages?

When it's time to make healthy choices in life, it often means saying no to the indulgence we know and love for our health. Even if you give up sweets and wine, or eat a luxurious dinner, everyone feels a little sad when you give up something that is really fun. After all, it's worth it, but it's hard to give up that little happiness because of the chance of living a little longer or feeling a little better. Thankfully, South Mill confirms that coffee does not have to be such a sacrifice. Traditional coffee has a negative impact on some people, but mushroom coffee has many advantages over its disadvantages. With a new line of golden teacher mushrooms, we've introduced new ways to make your morning cup of Joe better.

Sounds like a strange combination of ingredients, but drinkable mushrooms have been around for thousands of years. Grinded and dried mushrooms, which originate from traditional herbal medicine, offer benefits while being virtually undetectable, allowing drinkers to heal their bodies without skipping beats. To make this coffee, different types of mushrooms are dried, finely ground into powder, mixed with instant coffee and then prepared in the usual way. The mushrooms used in these elixirs are different from the mushrooms found in the produce section of local supermarkets. Reishi, Cordyceps sinensis, and Lion's mane have a more rustic taste than the nutty taste of shiitake mushrooms and white mushrooms, and are unrecognizable when combined with the familiar and overwhelming coffee taste.
 The health benefits of certain mushrooms are well documented in centuries of traditional herbal medicine. For centuries, mushrooms have been used to regulate blood sugar levels. In short, drinking with coffee helps prevent the inevitable caffeine crash. Many mushroom adaptogens help fight free radicals, and many have strong bowel benefits that can sometimes counteract the sour stomach pain associated with coffee. Mushrooms have high potassium, calcium, and immunity-enhancing properties. Drinking Shrooms coffee gives you essential vitamins before you make your bed for the day. In addition to these benefits, individual mushrooms have several properties that help enhance a particular area of ​​health.
Reishi is one of the most famous herbal medicine mushrooms because it is an absolute driving force for health benefits. The most influential aspect of this mushroom is beta-glucan, which has been shown to help lower cholesterol and fight heart disease. These same fibers are promising in helping the body fight infections and make them excellent immune system boosters. These small superfoods play an important role in both the immune system and mental health and are essential for improving gut health, reducing physical signs of anxiety and stress. Studies have shown that Reishi may also help with problems such as insomnia and malaise. The Be Well with Reishi blend of SHROOMS coffee brings all these benefits to the cup without sacrificing flavor.
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