In addition to basic guidelines in job interview session

Job interview can be conducted during lunch or dinner. It creates a more relaxed and informal environment. You should remember that it is still an interview. In addition to basic guidelines in job interview session, you have to make sure you behave appropriately during lunch or dinner.Etiquette in eating is compulsory to add credits and professionalism to the whole interview process. Without further ado, lets look into some of the most important eating etiquette you should have remembered. Practice makes perfect.Dont be overwhelmed by the amount of points you have to remember though. The key to successful business dining is to enjoy and help others enjoy themselves. When in doubt,Sport Water Bottles Manufacturers you can always follow the interviewer.
1. Dress for the occasion. Depends on the position you apply, job interview conducted in restaurant still require a formal dressing.2. Arrive ten minutes earlier. Don't let the recruiter wait for you. You should have time to prepare and adapt to the environment. Check your appearance.3. Have your cell phone turned off.3. Greet the interviewer. Shaking hands is the usual way. Start a light conversation and relax, break the ice. Always address the interviewer as "Mr." or "Ms." until he/she asks you to use a first name.4. Wait until your host is seated before you, or until he/she ask you so. 5. Review the menu and decide quickly.
6. Don't order messy foods, avoid pastas with thick sauces.7. Always fold your napkin on your lap before eating.8. Avoid alcoholic beverages if you can. Drink no more than one glass if you must.9. Always excuse yourself if you plan to leave the table.10. Place your napkin on the arm of your chair if you want to use the rest room.11. Always remember basic table manner: Dont put your elbows on the table. Always put your idle hand in your lap unless you are cutting something.12. The salt and pepper shaker should always travel together.13. Cut one piece at a time.18. Use your eating utensils from the outside in.19. Place your knife and fork in the middle of the plate with the handles resting on the plate. Fork tines should be turned down and the knife blade turned in. Place the napkin to the right of your plate.20. Most of the time the interviewer will pay for it, so thank your host for a wonderful meal and interview.
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