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E-cigarettes are not medical devices, but they can have side effects for users. However, these side effects are not clear. Side effects are often non-universal and change from context to situation, as there are many variables in the devices and shatter pen on the market and the frequency and method of inhaling vapors vary.
Disclaimer: Medical and formal research on the side effects of vaping is severely lacking and most focus on overall health and vaping. To make up for that, we used Google keywords and search traffic data to see which side effects were most searched. Social media posts and threads were also referenced.
It is often reported that the higher the percentage of PG, the better the dry mouth effect, but it is not uncommon for 100% VG vapor to experience it. The reason behind this seems counterintuitive.
Both PG and VG are humidifiers, so use them as consumables to moisten things. However, they are also hygroscopic, which means they absorb water.
If you are experiencing common dry mouth, ironically you can use an oral rehydration rinse like Biotene, which contains both PG and VG as ingredients, or you can drink more water. These two treatments are usually the easiest way to get the water back into your mouth.
If your mouth remains dry, contact your oral care provider. Chronic dry mouth can be a symptom of dehydration and can cause serious oral hygiene complications if left untreated.
As with the sensation of smoking for the first time, it is not uncommon to experience dizziness and dizziness when inhaling vapor.
Also, like smoking, this usually never happens again as consumption increases. However, this sensation generally does not come from vaping. It comes from smoking nicotine, especially with high nicotine.
If you are worried about dizziness or lightheadedness, it is best to reduce the amount of nicotine or short-term inhalation. If you don't want to reduce your consumption, this will probably disappear as your body gets used to nicotine.
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